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Renting Clothes

How to place an order?
You can avail renting service from our website by clicking “look on hire”

What are the modes of payment available?
You can pay by online transactions using Netbanking, Credit card, Debit card etc.. or you can opay by phonepay, google pay etc..

How does pick up and drop work?
You just need to book an outfit and relax. We will take care of pickup and delivery service.

Is it hygienic?
Yes of course. An item is always pre washed (dry clean) by our experts before it is available for rent.

Do I need to take care of cleaning before I return my rental?
No, we will take care of all cleaning procedure. You have to just ensure that it does not get spoiled or damaged during this rental period

How many days in advance can I book an outfit?
You can book an outfit from 48hrs to 60 days prior to your event date

Can I cancel my order once placed?
Yes you can cancel it 48hrs prior to your booking date

What if I accidentally damage / lost my rental?
In case of damage / theft you need to pay cost of rented item to the company.

Is there any late fee?
It will be charged on per day basis once your booking is over.

Can I buy an item from rental listings
No, you can not buy from rent section.Please visit our “shop” section for buying.

Clothes Owner FAQ

Can I also keep my outfits on rent?
Yes, you can also keep your designer sarees or outfits on rent by clicking “send request” under “Earn by renting clothes”

What all can I keep on rent?
All exclusive and designer sarees and outfits are welcome. Owned by you or maybe your boutique

What all details do you need for keeping my products on rent?
Its just price and any special washing care instructions if any

How it works?
Once you send us a request our representative will call you personally for your product details.We will schedule pickup for all your products that you wish to keep on rent with us. Once we receive your products our experts will perform a quality check and price evaluation. we will send you an email for our renting terms and conditionsOnce you accept by replying to that email we will send your product to dry cleaning.(this may take 8 working days)We will send it to our media team for photoshoot and website uploadEvery time your outfit is rented you will earn 40% of rent amount

Who will manage pickup delivery and inventory?
Wear courage will take care of everything from pickup your products delivering to customer on rent and inventory till the product is active in rent section

Who will take care of cleaning of my products?
Wear courage has tieup with dry cleaning experts. We will take care of your products.

Can I cancel our renting agreement?
Yes you can cancel it anytime if it is not already gone on rent. In this case it will be cancelled once we receive it from customer. It will be then sent for cleaning and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

What if my product is damaged or lost ?
The loss will be paid by whoever is responsible. In this case either a customer or wear courage based on evaluated price.

Customize my clothes

How can I customise a dress?
Please click on “customise” and browse different types of products and provide your details

How it works?

1. Provide your measurements

2. We will pickup fabric from your door step (you may send perfect fitting dress along with your fabric)

3. Our designers will analyse and detailed design of your dress will be sent on whatsapp in 2-4 working days. You may suggest changes if any otherwise with your due approval it will be sent to our makers team

4. Your dress will be ready within 8-10 working days and will be delivered to you


Can I suggest any pattern?
Yes , of course we craft all patterns as per your likes and requirement.

How do you take care of alterations?
You can send your outfit back to us for any alterations. It is free for first 15 days from delivery. Later we charge as per your alteration requirement.

How can I decide which patterns are suitable to my bodytype?
You can contact us @ 8450945590

Happy to Assist!!