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Ghongadi is a traditional woolen blanket made in Maharashtra, India. Ghongadi Blankets are made on Pit-Loom and dyed with organic and natural dyes.

  • Ghongadi is Highly effective for arthritis, slip disc, spondylosis, chronic back pain, and various other spine-related problems.
  • Sleeping on ghongadi helps you to sleep sound and peacefully and helps overcome insomnia.
  • Ghongadi helps regulate body temperature and keep it under control.
  • Jagran Gondhal, Satyanarayan puja, and various other Vedic rituals are performed while sitting on the Ghongadi blanket.
  • Ghongadi Relief from body aches after waking up from sleep.
  • Ghongadi helps to regulate blood circulation and control elevated blood pressure.
  • Ghongadi holds immense significance in the various religious activities like ‘Jagran Gondhal’ of the Maharashtrian community.
  • Long Life and 100% Woollen Product

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